Friday, 23 November 2012

F-35 600

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The F-35 is the first of our 600mm (24 inch) wingspan series. 
Why go smaller? The smaller size allows you to build faster, 
using less Depron, smaller motors and batteries, in a smaller 
flying field-Win Win Win and Win!  In addition, with a standard
2200kv brushless motor and 1600 3s battery, this plane 
will scream across the sky and have a longer flight time 
than a larger scale plane.

The F-35 is built with our normal score and fold build method 
to keep the F-35 looking scale. Its lower wing loading 
allows for a wide variety of control options from 2 to 6 servos, 2200kv - 2700kv motors, 1600- 2200 3s batteries. Its 
precise and direct feel will make it your daily flier.

In the download you will get a full size pdf file for 
one page printing, also A4,  Letter (USA) and A5 for 
tiled multiple page printouts. 

If there is one "must have" model in the bunch, the F-35 may be it!

Weight 10oz - 15oz
Lengh 850mm
Width 600mm
2200kv brushless outrunner 
30A esc
6x4 prop
**Hot set up-  NTM 2700  with 6x4 EMP prop/ 50 amp esc**
1000mm of 3mm carbon tube
1000mah - 2200mah 2s or 3s
1 sheet of 6mm depron

F-35 AND X-31
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