Saturday, 29 September 2012

SU-37 Twin and single prop

If you are a fan of military jets, you know the Sukhoi SU37- an amazing aerobatic jet! If you were building an SU37 parkjet, 
you had two options: either build a profile plane that 
lacked scale looks, or a laminate and sand plane that took days to build. Our Boxermad84 SU37 gives you the scale look with score and fold ease!  
Because of our attention to detail, this plan maintains 
the signature "drooping" nose while still using score and fold. 
This cuts the build time down to one or two days instead
 of one or two weeks!
The SU37 is our most scale looking and flying plane and 
has the lowest wing loading. It is able to accept a variety 
of power systems from single motors to double motors, 
and also carries the weight of EDFs very well.  Flying 
weight is a flexible 27-45 oz! Activate canards on a 
LERX mix and you will be amazed at the performance! 
 In the download you will get two sets of plans, a twin motor 
elevon mounted plan and a single mid mount plan, both 
planes look amazing and both perform very well.

length 1120mm
width 830mm
weight 24oz - 40oz
2 sheets of full size 6mm depron
2m of 3mm carbon tube
minimum 2 high torque servos
2200kv to 2700kv brushless outrunners
30A esc
1800mah - 3000mah 3s lipo


jayrothwell Youtube

Ian Causton Youtube

gstrysky youtube

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  1. What have you found to be your flight radius and max altitude?