Sunday, 9 December 2012


First find the page with the 50mm x 50mm scale,usually on the first page and print out to confirm the correct printer settings by measuring the scale.

Once all pages are printed at correct scale, they should look like this with a gap running around the plans.

Take a rule and place on the right hand side of the plans exactly where the print finishes.

Slice the section off with a sharp blade.

Do the same for the bottom of the page.

Slice the bottom off like before.

So this is what you should now be looking at, right hand side and bottom sides cut off. Do the same for all pages.

Now time for assembling the pages. The left page will overlap the right and so on until you complete a row.

It should look like this and the lines will join up perfectly.

Once you have made a complete row, start on the next one.

Now you have made all of the rows, you can start to put them together on top of each other. The top will over lap the bottom.

Now this is what you should be looking at, ready for the parts to be cut out.

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