Sunday, 9 September 2012

Eurofighter EDF


Boxermad84 Eurofighter EDF

There are many Eurofighter score and fold and profile 
designs out there...  Did we mention that ours is an EDF?
Designed around the solid Hobbyking 70mm EDF combo, tested for airflow, CG dialed in, this plane could quite possibly be the ideal EDF trainer.  Its fast, slow, aerobatic, stable- everything a good beginner EDF should be. Then, to top it off, we incorporate thrust vectoring vanes in the thrust wash for added maneuverability. For kicks, activate the canards!
If an EDF is not your preference, forget the EDF and mount the Boxermad84 Two Axis TV Mount to the back and go to town with a super fast and maneuverable Rear Prop Eurofighter!

length 38"
width 34"
weight 27oz-32oz
2x sheets of 6mm depron
2x mg micro servos
1800mah - 2200mah 4s lipo.
This plane was designed around the hobbyking 70mm edf combo, CLICK HERE
Will accomodate up to a 90mm EDF!!

Greg Strysky

Greg Strysky

Greg Strysky


  1. This plane looks great!!
    Did you use elevons and rudder or only trust vectoring on the above video?
    Can you post some more details about the edf motor? I am not sure if mine will be powerfull enough.

    1. Hi,thanks.i used two servos with two push rods to each,so tv vains and elevons are linked together and also had rudder activated in the vid. The 70mm fan from hobbyking is ment to put out 40oz of thrust but when i tested it,it only put out 33oz! The plane also weighs 33oz and it flys ok,but no vertical. I will be getting a better motor for my fan soon! Keep me posted if you decide to build it.

  2. One more question... KF 2 or KF 1 and 2 together?