Friday, 22 June 2012



The real F15 is a cool plane.  One of the most successful fighter jet in the history of fighter jets- 100 combat victories with 0 losses.  None!  
Our is better because you actually get to fly it! 
This parkjet has risen to the top of and has 
stayed there due to its extremely scale looks, easy score 
and fold construction, and ideal blend of speed, stability and aerobatics.  It can take a variety of power systems from a 
small 2200kv motor up to the NTM prop Drive 2700KV beast. 
You will immediately notice that this plane flies like its 
on rails.  Really, really nice...

width 711mm
lengh 913mm
You can run a 1000mah 3s up to a 2200mah 3s,
2200kv - 2700kv brushless outrunner MY MOTOR I USE!!  
6x4 prop
30 amp esc.


  1. This is one sweet aircraft. Just need some 6mm depron then will give it a go!

    Cheers :-)

    1. Thanks, man. I really like flying the plane. It's supper smooth even in wind.