Wednesday, 2 May 2012


What would happen if you crossed a classic Bi-Plane with 
a modern jet?  A lot more than we thought! The Alpha Jet 
is a new look at an old concept- get twice the lift out of a small wingspan by using two wings instead of one.  This is exactly 
the type of plane we love designing! It was 
initially called the Bi Jet until we discovered its effortless 
High Alpha performance.  The name Alpha Jet just seemed right! Amazing aerobatics- tumbles, crazy roll rate, excellent fast and slow speed performance and of course, effortless high alpha and INVERTED high alpha! Hover?  Try it and find out for yourself. How does the alpha jet do it? It has something to do with 
having two wings instead of one.... 

More amazing Alpha Jet features:
-One sheet of Depron!
-One night to build!
-No carbon fiber reinforcement.
-Adjustable motor mount to accommodate all sizes of motors.
- Simple two elevon or two elevon and rudder set up.
- And, Its FREE! (please donate above)

Size:- length-850mm, width-605mm
2200kv - 2700kv brushless outrunner. MOTOR I USE


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