Sunday, 25 March 2012

A10 warthog


A10 (Thunderbolt) Warthog Profile
Why do we love the A10? The A10 Warthog is an amazing 
plane. It is built around its main weapon- a  30mm 
cannon which is as big and heavy as a Volkswagen 
Beetle and designed to rip through tanks! Normally, 
that would be enough. But, the A10 also has an 
amazing payload of missiles, laser guided bombs 
and cluster bombs. Theres only one catch: It has 
to fly slow and low over a hostile battlefield while it 
cuts things to shreds,  covers friendly troops and 
gets fired upon by hostile troops!  To help it survive, 
plane is built with multiple redundant systems 
and a Titanium "bathtub" around the pilot for maximum survivability. The engine's are mounted high and their 
heat signature is hidden by the large wings and large 
tail. If one is hit it will still fly on a single engine! 
Even though its beautiful to us, its ugly to some 
and that's why it has been nicknamed the "Warthog". 
How cool is that? 
Well, you can fly one! Our Profile A10 Warthog is designed 
to fly scale. Low and slow, high maneuverability at 
low altitudes! Its not fast, it doesn't roll or tumble like 
an aerobatic jet but its really good at strafing runs against 
you and your spectators! The profile build is easy and the 
mid mount motor makes set up a snap. 

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